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Message in a Bottle

It is Children in Need time again and it brings to mind the advice of the late, great Terry Wogan. He famously said that he hadn’t got millions of listeners, he only had one. He was in a studio and imagining broadcasting to a single person listening to their radio. I experienced that day after …

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Why having no time or money is a good thing

We are 3 years into our beery adventure and we still have no time or money. We reckon that is a good thing. It all started with a stall selling interesting bottled beer at a local farmers’ market. We had no idea at the time that it would lead to us brewing but here we are …

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Living the dream.

I was standing at the bar at Bolton Beer Festival having a chat with Matt from Rammy Craft. The subject had turned to the part of the process that we enjoy the most. Brewing is creative. You start with raw ingredients and try to turn them into something wonderful. It is a buzz and I …

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Less haste and more speed

We are now almost 3 years into this beery adventure and a year into brewing commercially. We do this in our spare time and sometimes we just get caught up in real life  and the months slip by. Today was meant to be a a brew day but my son was ill. A change of …

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Cracking our first ever bottle

We bottled our first ever commercial brew a week ago and since then there have been 6 bottles staring at me from the corner of the room. I managed to create a rationale for opening one today. We think that it needs a month or so in the bottle before we begin to sell it …

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The birth of a brewery

The decision to start our own brewery has been a little while in the making. Since starting to get to know a multitude of Lancashire brewers we have been chatting about it on and off  and then it all came about quite suddenly. Once the decision was made it was about the process of being …

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The Holy Well Inaugural Pin is born

Great excitement as I picked up our first pin from Morrow Brothers. I was there to see it being banded and plated. A big moment for us. It makes us feel proper. Something about having your name plate spot welded onto the pin. Looking forward to filling it with our first brew.