Caldera Coffee

Caldera Coffee from Much Hoole, Preston. 

It is a great pleasure to get to know the other traders at the farmers’ markets we travel around. We have been doing Hoghton Tower since the beginning and feel like it is our home market.

I am developing my appreciation of good coffee and it was good to meet Dan from Caldera Coffee at Hoghton last month.

Dan’s journey was similar to ours. It started with a gradual appreciation of high street coffee, followed by an awakening of how good coffee can be when produced by someone with care an attention. He was easy to spot with his coffee grinder and coffee bean sacks.

Following a bike crash, Dan had time on his hands and began roasting his own coffee using beans from local importers. A caldera is the larger void created when a volcano collapses in on itself. Dan likened it to the void in his pocket once he began roasting. We know the feeling.

I believe beer is for sharing and using as the start of a conversation. Good coffee should be the same. I was looking for something to take to work and share with a couple of blokes during the week. We stand around in the staffroom, sniffing and sipping. It starts a chat and we spend most of the time grinning.

I took with me a Columbian Cenoic and a Malawi. Both ground and suitable for a french press. We spent a bit of time chewing over the various techniques when using an Aeropress (the kids bought me one for christmas). Good to talk to someone who knows their business.

The Columbian was robust enough to handle me adding a drop of milk without losing its flavour (sacrilege according to the other two).

The Malawi suited a little milk to bring out the chocolate in the background. Excellent.

Heading out to the market and swapping a few bottle of our beer for a couple of bags of coffee adds to the experience and is what market life is all about. I will be back for more.

You can find out more about Caldera Coffee on their website and follow them on twitter here.