Aug 26

Mr Duffin’s Coffee

The wonders of coffee are still new to me but I am loving it. Wherever I get the chance, I pick up a bag and Mr Duffin’s has already become a favourite place to stop on my way in and out of the Lake District. I now combine it with a trip to the More Artisan Bakery. A day to the Lakes seems a bit incomplete without.

I have been stopping off at the Mill Yard in Staveley for years. First for the excellent Wilf’s cafe and then for the Hawkshead Brewery and More. Mr Duffin’s is now on that list. The Coffee Den sits on the main street just as you enter the Mill Yard and is well worth a visit.

I picked up a bag of’Juicy’ Gossip’ and they were ground for me ready to bring home.

  • Artisan Coffee roaster Steven and his 15kg Giessan coffee roaster can be found in the Coffee Den shop on the main Street In Staveley.
  • Steven produces single origin coffees and some blends of his own.
  • Pick a bag of whole beans and they will grind them there and then for you to take home.
  • Steven (Mr Duffin) uses 100% Arabica Speciality Coffee Beans.
  • Steven used reputable importers who work directly with the farmers to reward them for their high quality coffee production.

I chose a bag of whole bean ‘Juicy Gossip’ and had it ground for French Press. I use a French press when sharing coffee at work and an Aeropress at home.

  • Juicy Gossip is a medium bodied blend of Peruvian, Brazilian and Rwandan beans.
  • I drunk it black and will not pretend that I am skilled enough to provide a meaningful review. This is all about a learning process with me at the moment. It was smooth and I could imagine it becoming a go to coffee. I think that is the idea of blending. To produce something well balanced and moreish.
  • Tunki Beans (Peru) – Named after a bird from the Peruvian Andes. Located in the South East of Peru on border with Bolivia. Farmers are members of Aymara and Chechua Tribes and are all cooperative members. Tunki has a velvety chocolate texture with nutty flavours and hint of lime acidity. Grown at 1300-1800m
  • Fazenda Pantano (Brazil) From a farm which is hailed as Brazil’s most sustainable farm run by Wagner Ferrero. Pulped natural, yellow bourbon. 1100m in the Cerrado Minas. Certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Chocolate, Malty, nutty.
  • Nyungwe (Rwanda) – High altitude coffee. Big bold flavours that goes with milk. Nyungwe is also the name of a washing station owned by the Rwandan Trading company sitting at about 1700m

You can find out more about Mr Duffin’s Coffee at the website here. It is well worth the slight detour into Staveley.