Artisan Roast – Edinburgh

As we up our production a little (to a mighty 10 firkins a month!), it seemed prudent to meet regularly and plan the things we have coming up. It gives us a chance to stop once in a while and make best use of our time.

It seems obvious but when time is limited, it is too easy to just get sucked into the ‘doing’ without a schedule or a plan. It can lead to drift and we know from experience that we do much better when we stop and get a pad out now and again.

Enter our monthly ‘bored’ meeting. No beer allowed. We do need a pick me up to get us through though. Coffee and whisky seemed to be in order.

My children bought me a coffee subscription recently. Having been through lots, they settled on the Coffee Roaster’s service because each month the coffee came from a different roster around the country. They know that as well as wanting to try something new, it is hearing the stories of small artisan producers that makes me tick.

So here is the coffee from official meeting number 1.

Artisan Roast (Edinburgh) Trigonomtry Blend


  • Made from blend of 50% Yirgacheffe washed (Ethiopia), 30% Yirgacheffe natural and 20% Irmas Pereira (Brazil)
  • The Yirgacheffe is grown between 1700 to 2200m and is considered the best high grown coffee in Ethiopia.
  • These are SHG (Strictly High Grown) coffees as they grow slowly due to altitude. This allows longer period for flavour to develop.
  • Yirgacheffe’s have a bright acidity, clean tastes with floral aroma.
  • Yirgacheffe is considered to be the birthplace of coffee. Arabica grow best in climates similar to Ethiopia.
  • Imas Pereira is in the Mantiqueira Hills named after the Pereira sisters.
  • Natural process leads to a complexity in sweetness, heavier body, deep flavours whereas a wet process is cleaner, higher in body and more crisp.
  • Artisan Roast are in Edinburgh and Glasgow and were the first coffee sent through by The Coffee Roasters to perk up our ‘Bored’ meeting.

You can read more about Artisan Roast here.

Our coffee subscription is through the Coffee Roasters. You can find out more here.