About Us

Holy Well Brewing is a small batch brewery started by Chris and Phil in Bolton, Lancs.

We have been running our farmers’ market stall since June 2013. We specialise in Lancashire beers from very small producers that otherwise our customers would struggle to get hold of.


This meant that we met some inspirational brewers with very humble beginnings and we took the plunge ourselves early in 2015. We began Holy Well Brewing to produce the beers we like to drink and those which satisfy the thirst of our market stall regulars.

We both have strong links with the Halliwell area of Bolton. Halliwell was an ancient township in its own right and is a derivation of the original ‘Holy Well’ and thus our brewery found its name.

For us, the journey has just begun. We don’t know where it will lead us but we have taken our first steps down the path and vaulted the gate. We are off and it is going to be fun. No doubt there will be some ups and downs, some good company and a pint or two along the way.


Chris & Phil