The Brewery

We really do brew under the same gazebo that we use on our market stall. Everything under one tiny roof. On brew days, we pop up the gazebo and get the equipment out. We have brewed this way in driving rain and heavy snow. We began with a 100 litre boiler and gradually increased our size to 300 litres. We bought our mash tun from Matt at Rammy Craft when he scaled up a little and things really moved on when we lashed out on a 300 litre temperature controlled fermenter. (The only part of the process that happens indoors).


We have stuck to our rule of only buying equipment when our cashflow allows (No capital injections allowed). This has kept us lean and meant that we have grown very slowly over a period of time. We still get excited when we can afford a bit of new kit.

We have reached capacity in our current location and will wait until we can afford to jump to somewhere bigger before buying bigger kit. This will also give us time to develop our customer base. We are not interested in a fast buck or sending our beer far and wide. We get a buzz from getting to know the people we supply and building long-lasting relationships with our customers. If you would like to be part of that then please get in touch.