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Feb 19

A proper Dubday afternoon

It all started with a chance meeting with the DUB boys in Bunburys a couple of weeks ago. I had just ordered my father-in-law a pint of DUB Tropicana (great name) when I noticed them at the bar in DUB hats and fleeces. It was good to finally meet them all and have a chat. …

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Feb 14

Monsters to the left of me, Scotsman to the right.

Torrside Brewing have come across my beery path a couple of times in the last fortnight and I have enjoyed it each time. We pretty much go for Lancashire beers but for Torrside, we will happily make an exception. It started with a tweet from Daryl at Bunburys about a Rauch-Off between a cask Torrside and …

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Feb 08

Bunbury’s Rauch off and a dash through Chorlton

February arrived with a summing up of the last couple of days of January. Ended up in the Wilton Arms on Belmont Rd, Bolton on Saturday evening. They always have York brewery Guzzler on in the Wilton and I made enquiries as to the link. It turns out that the Wilton is owned by Mitchells …

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Jan 20

Bunburys. A good place to just sit down for a while

Started off with a trip to the Bank Top Brewery Tap on Belmont Rd on a very rainy Thursday evening. No matter what time I go in the Tap, it always seems to have a bit of a buzz going on and tonight was no different with Dave Sweeney in his place at the end …

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