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Cloudwater’s banging bass and chill-out room

I am very old and was around in Manchester at the end of the 80s as rave was picking up a head of steam. The bass would get you and become addictive. Sometimes, you might need to step out for a minute or two before your brain exploded. Now in my late 40s, I get …

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Bunbury’s Rauch off and a dash through Chorlton

February arrived with a summing up of the last couple of days of January. Ended up in the Wilton Arms on Belmont Rd, Bolton on Saturday evening. They always have York brewery Guzzler on in the Wilton and I made enquiries as to the link. It turns out that the Wilton is owned by Mitchells …

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Allgates Sloe Stout in the White Lion, Leigh

I found myself back at Bunburys (Chorley Old Rd Bolton) for the 2nd Friday on the trot. Good way to catch up local beer scene and chat with owner Daryl. Sitting on the bar there is a half a¬†Hook Island Red (Five Points Brewing Co) which Daryl had on keg. 6% Red Rye Ale made …

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